Kaan Erkol
full-stack senior-mid developer



Symfony v1, v2, v3 Framework | Primary favorite
Zend v1 | old but good
Laravel v4.2 - v5.3 | day saver
yii | old love
codeigniter, cake, phantom | good or bad, but not for me


ecmascript 6 stack

React & React-Native

mid-top level Experience

Angular, ember and backbone

my old helpers

Linux Sys Admin

distros: Debian, Centos, arch, ubuntu, coreos
container tools: docker, kubernetes, docker swarm


Amazon & Google Cloud Platform knowledge

Easy Learning and fast adaptation

I can learn and apply myself to a multitude of systems with ease

Other Stacks

Magento, MongoDB, Redis, Apache, Python, flask framework, Django, Riak, Message Queue, dokku, Kotlin